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It's a 2.5-hour volunteer training event via video. Imagine TED-Talk-style training from 8 leading voices in youth ministry:

Heather Flies: Ministering To Teenagers Through Your Personality/Story
Mark Oestreicher: NEW Learnings on the Adolescent Brain
Kara Powell: Helping Parents Win
Karl Romeus: Making Disciples That Make Disciples
Chap Clark: What All Kids Need From A Caring Volunteer
Katie Edwards: Practical Help for Hurting Kids
Doug Fields: The Heart of a Volunteer
Josh Griffin: How to Build Relationships When Everyone is Busy

We know you want to take your volunteers to a national youth ministry conference, but it’s very expensive: travel, hotels, meals, the conference registration itself… you get the idea. It's just too expensive! What if you could train your ENTIRE volunteer team for a fraction of that cost? Now… you can! DYM is offering affordable training from world class youth ministry experts that fits a small youth ministry budget!

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The National Day of Youth Ministry Volunteer Training!

We already have over 100 host sites and we're looking to add another 100 before the event!
Take a look at our current host sites here.

Below are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions around hosting and attending the event.

What’s required of a host site?
Space to host and the ability to play a video. You can download the whole thing ahead of time, greet people at the door and press play. YOU create the welcoming environment and open the doors of your church. We’ll do the rest!

Is this a streaming event? We have terrible internet and I’m freaking out!
NO, this is NOT a streaming event. Our strategy is to get this everywhere: into rural areas with lower speed internet and into church basement youth rooms where the wi-fi is rough. So you can hit up a Starbucks with great internet, download the entire event, and simply press play on the day of! Yeah!

So, what kind of technology do we need?
A computer and a screen is all you need! Most churches are going to host it in their “main space”, whether that’s a sanctuary or shared worship center. Then again, if your youth room has a better sound system, go with that! Whatever works best for you and the amount of youth workers who sign-up for your location!

There are locations near me, but an hour away. Should I host?
For sure! Most groups will pile into a van and drive across town, maybe even a couple towns over, but 45 minutes to 1 hour is about the limit. So host it at your place! Get your church and others in your area involved and have a GREAT community-wide training day!

Will DYM help promote the training locations?
We will definitely do our best to spread the word and fill each host location. But there is an expectation that each site will invite their local networks and churches as well. Attendee registration will open in early 2019 at $99 per church. (Each church can bring as many volunteers as they’d like.) We want as many volunteers there as you can fit in your space!

What does the schedule look like? Would we have the flexibility to offer lunch and other options for our particular venue or are we required to stick to the schedule and itinerary provided?
The schedule is designed for it to be as easy on your host site as possible. If you provided an air-conditioned/heated room with decent screens or a projector, that’s enough. If you want to go all-out and provide meal(s), prizes, etc.—go for it! We’re thrilled that some locations are looking to go over-the-top!

This date doesn’t work for me. Can I do it later in the day or on another date altogether?
Because we’ll be putting a ton of promotion into the day/date on all of the promotional material, we’d love for you to do it on the day we’re promoting, but we’d love to hear from you if you have something else in mind for your network. Let’s talk about it and figure out it on a case-by-case basis.

How much does it cost for churches to attend our host site? How will attendee sign-ups be handled?
When we launch registration, there will be an early-bird, train your whole team for $99 and there will be some perks for early-bird sign-ups. Groups will register through DYM and we’ll keep track of how many are coming to each site and give regular updates to host churches. We will use the maximum capacity number given by each host at registration to make sure we don’t anger your local Fire Marshal.

What questions are my senior pastor going to ask about this?
They will probably want to know where the money is going, what DYM’s beliefs are, and why they should spend $500 to train their youth leaders. We’d love to help answer any of those questions! Shoot us an email at trainingday@downloadyouthministry.com!


When will attendee registration open? 
We will launch registration in early 2019. For now, you can sign up to be notified when registration opens by entering your email on www.trainmyvolunteers.com

What’s the cost of attendee registration?
Early bird rate will be $99. (which will also include some early-bird only perks!)

You say I can train “my whole team” for this cost… is there a limit to that number?
No! Bring as many leaders as you’d like—so long as you register for that number to make sure the host site has enough space for everyone.

What’s the cost of attendee registration?
There will be an early-bird rate (train your whole team for $99 which will also include some early-bird only perks!)

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