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session 1

Everything is sending a message, so we look at your setup from the street to the seat. Programming starts in the parking lot.

Release date: August 2

Presenter: Josh Griffin


Let’s talk about what makes a great program and figure out how to come up with some templates that make it easy for you to drop in service elements and conquer the programming beast that comes around every week in your youth ministry.

Release date: August 2

Presenter: Josh Griffin


How to Be Great on Stage – some basic pro-tips you can use this week to immediately become better on stage. Some you’ll know, some will be new, all will be helpful reminders to put in the effort to be great whenever you’re called up on stage.

Release date: August 9

Presenter: Josh Griffin


So You’re Pretty Great on Stage. Let’s Go Next Level You Little Devil – some advance tips and tricks for those who are hosting every week in their youth ministry.

Release date: August 16

Presenter: Josh Griffin


Rookie hosts make the same mistakes over and over again, so here’s some sage advice on things to stop saying and some things to make sure you DO say as you take the stage in your youth ministry program.

Release date: August 23

Presenter: Josh Griffin


My friend Justin takes on the importance of evaluation to help make your program better from week to week. A simple mistake is to keep on going without the pause to make sure we’re accomplishing our goals and staying on target.

Release date: August 23

Presenter: Justin Knowles